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Greens support strike

Sheffield Green Party have come out in support of the two-day strike by
local government workers over their 2.45% pay offer. Bernard Little,
Green Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central, said:

“Food prices are up 14%, fuel prices up 30% and household bills are up
4.3%. According to the Daily Mirror’s cost of living index, inflation is now 18.5%, the highest level for 16 years. The rise in price of food and fuel hits
those on low incomes hardest as a higher percentage of their income is
spent on these essentials.

“It is a nonsense to say that we did not know that fuel prices were
going to rise. The Green Party have said that this was going to happen
for a very long time. An oil dependent economy means higher prices of
essentials for people on low incomes. We have to act now and end our
addiction to oil and gas. Such a move would stabilise prices and
inflation, and help prevent further strikes like this one.”


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