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Don’t let Parkwood become an Academy

Dear Editor,

Parkwood is the next school threatened with privatisation in Sheffield. A ballot is being held to see if parents want it turned into an academy which will be sponsored by Edutrust. Edutrust are bankers, art dealers, property investors and company directors and have little experience of running state schools. Along with the ballot forms, parents have been sent a glossy document explaining why the academy is proposed and making various promises. Local MP David Blunkett has produced literature supporting the Academy.

Parents need to weigh up this proposal with proper access to both sides of the argument. However, those campaigning against the academy have been refused the opportunity to debate at consultation meetings and been asked not to leaflet outside. Undeterred, they have leafleted every house in the catchment area, are leafletting the consultation meetings and at the feeder primary schools, and have been canvassing the area. The ballot closes on 22 October and parents who want both sides of the story before voting should see the Anti Academies Alliance website at or contact the local campaign via Ben Morris on 07890 088 456.

Academies are consistently pushed through after one sided “consultations” that deny parents a say over the future of their children. The Green Party oppose moves towards privatisation, and handing the control of schools to a trust is another example of this.

Yours faithfully

Graham Wroe

Sheffield Green Party

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