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Lib Dems block Green moves for cheaper fares

10th November 2008

At Wednesday’s Full Council Meeting the new Liberal Democrat
administration rejected a Green Party proposal for a feasibility study
into providing a maximum weekend fare of £1 on Sheffield’s public transport.

Cllr Rob Murphy commented ‘It is disappointing that the new
administration are not prepared to look at the possibility of cheaper
bus fares. Many people feel that public transport is over-priced and a
serious look at how the council can reduce fares is long overdue’

He added ‘The festive bus services this year on Boxing Day and New
Year’s Day, funded by our negotiations with the previous administration,
will be charging a £1 promotional fare. It is a shame that we’ve been
blocked from exploring opportunities to extend this idea.’

The Amendment to a report on Public Transport and Car Parking Charges
proposed that ‘this Council requests officers to investigate the
feasibility of providing public transport with a maximum fare of £1 on
all Saturdays and Sundays and report back to the Council within 2
months,’ but was defeated by votes from the Liberal Democrat group.


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