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The right to a good nights sleep

Steve Barnard

Dear Sir

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is right to object to the Peel application for night time cargo flights at Robin Hood airport. Those living on the flight paths are only at the beginning of what people living near Heathrow have gone through. Decades of broken promises on expansion and flight restrictions have made many people’s lives a complete misery.

The massive expansion that Peel has in mind will impact on people throughout South Yorkshire. The parish councils don’t have the power to stop it and Doncaster council is clearly going to put few obstacles in Peel’s way. Chamber of Commerce and councillor dominated organisations like the Robin Hood Airport Consultative Committee aren’t going to help.

Local people need to stand up and make themselves heard before the airport completely takes over their lives. A Green Party motion was passed by Sheffield City Council on February 4th. The council will now “write to all Local Authorities in South Yorkshire and to Yorkshire Forward urging them to reject any request to relax the rules on night flying into and out of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.” I hope this helps win the battle against night flights and for the right to a good nights sleep.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Barnard

Green Party European Parliament candidate Yorkshire & the Humber

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