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Noise objectors aren’t killjoys

Dear Sir

Steve Davis (letters 20 February) paints objectors to extended opening hours on Ecclesall Road as killjoys. In fact, people object for a number of good reasons. On Ecclesall Road, many drivers seem to ignore the rules of the road and park anywhere, creating danger for other road users. In Broomhill some late night takeaways are opening into the early morning, well beyond their stipulated closing times. In the West One Plaza, Revolution has just been given permission to open until 12.30 every night of the week, against the recommendation of Planning officers.

A lot of people live on the side roads off Ecclesall Road and close to the Broomhill shopping parade. West One has 530 apartments and there are many other long standing city centre blocks like the Eldon, Flockton and Cambridge Courts which are now affected by late night noise and anti-social behaviour. Planning and Licensing decisions mean it gets worse every year and residents must be feeling they are sacrificial lambs to the “night time economy”.

The heart of the matter is alcohol. If all these establishments consisted of people having a quiet meal, drink, musical entertainment and departing in peace, it wouldn’t be a problem. In fact many patrons drink to the point of rowdiness or worse and disturb residents as they leave and on their way home.

City centre residents don’t expect suburban silence. But they do expect the council to oversee a system that allows them a few hours of undisturbed sleep, at least during the working week, so they can live their lives in a fit state. Steve Davis is fortunate in being able to visit Nonna’s and then go home to a much quieter Totley Rise. It’s different for local residents, many of whom also love to eat at Nonna’s. What is needed is better co-ordination between Licensing and Planning, improved liaison with authorities such as police and environmental protection and better enforcement.

Yours Sincerely

Eamonn Ward
Sheffield Green Party

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