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Danny Piermattei’s MBE well deserved

Dear Sir

Danny Piermattei’s MBE for his work with Action for Stannington (Star 13 June) is well deserved. His organisation promotes simple, common sense, community actions with initiatives that are neighbourly and good for the Stannington area. Once established and successful on their terms they have become a magnet for funders who know their money will be well spent and produce results.

A key message of the Action for Stannington “Green Code” is the importance of waste reduction, re-use, recycling and repair. The shocking statistic that 35% of Sheffielders don’t use their blue bins properly shows that many people don’t want authorities telling them what to do. “Re-Use” centres across the city are also not going be a major feature under Veolia’s contract that requires the incinerator to be fed until 2036. We need more groups like Action for Stannington who take the local community with them slowly, involve them and gain their confidence.

Strong local communities enrich our lives in lots of different ways and local people have the best ideas for their area. Action for Stannington are always happy to give guided tours of their work to help others learn from their successes. I am sure Danny hopes this will inspire many others to follow his lead across the city.
Yours Sincerely

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

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