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Children will suffer from school closure say Greens

schoolThe Green Party is calling on the Council to take on board the concerns of parents and pupils at Abbeydale Grange School and to consider alternatives to closing the school.

Green Party Councillors and members have been attending the meetings held between officers, pupils, parents and the wider community following the July council cabinet decision to consult on the option of closure of Abbeydale Grange School.

Cllr Jillian Creasy commented : “The plan seems to be to disperse groups of vulnerable children, such as those with learning, emotional or behavioural problems and those who speak little English to surrounding schools. But, at the consulation meetings, there have been no firm guarantees that the popular South West schools would accept extra pupils from Abbeydale Grange. Even if they did, this could push class sizes into the mid-thirties.”

Cllr Bernard Little commented : “Questions were asked as to why so little time was given to find a partner to help the school and why everything is happening so quickly. It was clear that the whole process is being rushed and the school pushed into closure. At least Wisewood School has been allowed to stay open until the new merged school is built. ”

Cllr Little continues : “Parents were frustrated that other viable solutions such as Cooperative Trust status do not seem to have been fully explored. Given time and support from Sheffield City Council, on top of the progress the school is already making, such measures could help to build parents’ confidence so that they will choose to send their children to Abbeydale Grange”.

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