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Greens call for lower traffic speeds to encourage walking

safer_streetsSheffield Green Party has told the City Council that its pedestrian strategy
should emphasise the need for lower traffic speed limits, to encourage people to walk more.

The Greens point out that walking is good for health and can help action against climate change. But in their response to Sheffield Council’s recent
consultation, they argue that the pedestrian strategy should focus more on the factors discouraging people from walking. Research shows that numbers of children walking to school have fallen sharply over the past 30 years, partly because of worries about road safety. Many adults are also discouraged from walking because of road safety concerns.

Rob Unwin

Rob Unwin

Green Party candidate for Central ward, Rob Unwin said “Road safety would be improved if traffic speeds fell. We proposed to the city council in November that a Sheffield-wide 20mph speed limit should be introduced on residential roads. But the Lib Dem majority group on the Council didn’t support our proposal. Instead they proposed that individual Community Assemblies should consider speed limits for their area. This will mean a slow and piecemeal introduction of 20mph speed limits, which will delay road safety improvements, be more confusing for motorists, and reduce the other benefits .from the pedestrian strategy.”


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There is One Response to Greens call for lower traffic speeds to encourage walking

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25th December 2009

Thanks Rob.
Seems to me that the Sheffield Green Party
usually speak TOO MUCH COMMON SENSE.
This DOES not compute…with Politics, power, corruption.
They cannot handle it…maybe, THEY, have lost touch with reality….

Or maybe, the common – sense DO gooders are truly out of touch loons?

They’ll be telling us that Michael Jackson is dead next…or Elvis!