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Another windfarm turned down

big-windmillDear Editor,

The windfarm at Sheephouse Heights, north of  Stocksbridge has been turned down. This is short-sighted especially as the world comes to terms with the failure to get a real deal at Copenhagen and as constraints in oil supply begin to bite.

The anti-wind lobby campaign played on Stocksbridge resident’s fears but their main argument was about the visual impact. Their model letter for people to complain to Barnsley council said, “The application has significant visual impact… on a tranquil hillside providing picturesque rural views. It is sited in the Green Belt impacting on our rural environment and Open Space and turbines, unlike the pylons, we can’t see through them, they are 3 times as big and they move.” So in effect turbines are uglier than the existing electric pylons because they rotate.

The Planning Board took their lead from politicians who failed to deliver a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement at Copenhagen.  It is easy for councillors in South Yorkshire to ignore the science and the global concern if Presidents and Prime Ministers cannot respond to the threat that climate change poses to humanity.
This decision does matter. We could lead the way in Europe on solar, tidal and wind energy to cut our oil dependency and tackled climate change. Renewable energy surrounds us and it should be used to reduce our impact on the planet. It is a key ingredient for the future to offer hope to our children and grandchildren.
Yours sincerely
Steve BarnardProspective Candidate Sheffield HallamGreen Party

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