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Greens push for speed limit for a safer Sheffield


The Green Party is continuing to push for the Council to introduce a 20 mile an hour speed limit in residential areas of the city. Green activist Rob Unwin will be taking a petition from residents of Central and Broomhill wards to Central Community Assembly on Thur 14th. The Greens hope that if residents across the city push for 20mph limits, the whole city will eventually get a joined-up scheme.

Rob Unwin said, “The 20mph speed limit would only apply to residential roads, not main routes.  These schemes work best where they are in force throughout a WHOLE city or borough, for example in Portsmouth.  Research from the UK and elsewhere has shown that city-wide limits of 20mph have significantly reduced  speeds in just the first year of operation, and after several years have reduced urban accident rates by up to two-thirds.

The new speed limits have encouraged walking and cycling, especially for the
elderly and younger children, but have only increased the journey time of a 15 minute car journey by 1 minute. They have also reduced vehicle emissions by 12% due to less acceleration and deceleration.  And 72% of drivers surveyed as part of the British Social Attitudes Survey support the move.”

He added, “We hope that the Central Community Assembly will apply the scheme to this area of Sheffield. However, a city-wide 20mph limit would set a code of behaviour across the whole city so that it becomes normal to drive at 20mph in residential areas. Everyone would know the rule and there would be no need to spend a lot of money on signs, or on humps and bumps, which are unpopular with drivers anyway.”


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17th January 2010

Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group is organising a petition for a default 20mph limit in the South Sheffield area, See

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    17th January 2010

    Thanks for pointing this out. Interesting to see the comments following the Star article. Is there an on-line version of the petition?