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Greens call to bring down fuel bills

Cllr Jillian Creasy

The Greens are urging the council to give more help to people who have been
suffering from the rising cost of fuel during the recent cold weather.
The party will exercise its right to put a motion at the top of the
agenda in the next full council meeting and will focus on rising fuel prices and
opportunities to create jobs in renewable energy and energy saving.

Coun Jillian Creasy said, “Fuel bills in Sheffield have risen 60% in real
terms since 2000 and 1 in 5 households suffer from fuel poverty, that is,
they spend more than 10% of their income on energy bills. Up to 500 citizens
will die this winter due to inadequate heating.

She continued, “We welcome the winter fuel payments that elderly people have
received, but if their houses are draughty and poorly insulated, the money
is burnt as fast as it is paid out.  The Affordable Warmth programme includes
cavity wall insulation, but about half the homes in thecity cannot be insulated
in this way, for example, Victorian terraces.

“We need to roll out a massive programme of insulation that includes these
‘hard to treat’ homes.  We also need to reduce energy use and switch to
safe, affordable and genuinely renewable energy.  There has been a huge rise
in unemployment in the past two years and energy saving programmes and
renewable energy installations would help to create jobs”.

The Green motion also criticises the Lib Dem Council for objecting to windfarms
and failing to introduce a renewable energy strategy for the city.

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