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Green Party candidate to support “Robin Hood Tax” at Green Party conference

Cllr Jillian Creasy, who is the prospective parliamentary candidate for the
Green Party in Sheffield Central will attend the Green Party conference in
London this weekend (18-21st Feb). Whilst there, she will vote in favour of
a motion supporting the “Robin Hood Tax”.

The Robin Hood Tax is special tax on financial transactions which would
raise billions of pounds to relieve poverty both here and abroad. The
campaign is fronted by Bill Nighy (“Love Actually”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Cllr Jillian Creasy

and supported by a large number of charities.  The Financial Transaction Tax
would impose a very low tax on financial products such as stocks, bonds and
derivatives, but raise around £250bn for investment in jobs in the UK,
international development and preventing climate change.

Cllr Creasy said, ” This simple tax would have enormous global benefits and
it fits exactly with Green Party policy on investing to create jobs which
are threatened by the economic crisis. We have all watched as the banks
suddenly get profitable again and start to award themselves huge bonuses,
yet the rest of the world remains in financial turmoil. Aside from the
urgent need to curb bankers’ bonuses, there is a real opportunity to benefit
those in need in the UK and elsewhere.”


Notes see Robin Hood Tax website

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