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Greens call for Sheffield wide action on food.

Cllr Jillian Creasy

Sheffield Green Party have today published their new food strategy for the city.

The Greens  argue that putting low-carbon food production at the centre of the city’s economic plans would provide real benefits for everyone, including job opportunities, better health and cleaner air.

Green Councillor Jillian Creasy said “We know that many individuals and bodies,such as Farmers’ Markets and allotment groups, are already involved in action to change how we produce, distribute and prepare food. But we think a more co-ordinated approach will pay significant dividends.

“Our proposals would result in healthier diets and less packaging and pollution from transport.  They include more local production of food and greater self-sufficiency for the city.  We would also like to see farmers paid fairer prices and an end to the dominance of the supermarkets.

“One change that would make a real difference would be making better use of land in and around the city to grow food, which in turn would provide training and employment opportunities. I hope Sheffield Council will provide the necessary leadership and resources to help take this agenda forward.”

The Greens would like the proposals in their food strategy to part of the
evolving Sheffield food plan.

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