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Capitalism, a love story

Michael Moore has done it again in his latest film ‘Capitalism, a love Story’ which opened in the UK on 26th February, and which can be seen now at the Showroom.
If anything, his analysis and polemic on the evil of speculative banking, the sub-prime housing market and of high level employer insurance scams is even wittier and more poignant a mix of spliced film, topical interviews and direct action stunts than in previous films, and has a gorgeous soundtrack, helping with the upbeat sense that WE CAN DO IT!, (and we must.)
Interviews with his own dad, surveying the waste land that was once his factory, with the suddenly sacked, with families facing foreclosure, and with the bereaved of ‘dead peasants’, ripped off by their big name employers are sensitively handled, bishops and priests condemn capitalism, and there’s some inspirational stuff from lone democrat congressional voices and community groups fighting back.  And even if you’ve kept up with the twists and turns of hedge funds and derivatives, there’ll be footage to surprise you.
By the time Woody Guthrie’s ‘Jesus Christ’ plays over the closing credits you’ll probably be proud to be a (whisper it loudly) SOCIALIST, even if you weren’t before.  (luckily, i was!)

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