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Jillian Creasy’s speech to the Station demo

Graham Wroe at Station Demo

Hello everyone!
Well, here we are again – here we ALL are again.
Great to see so much support – but why do we have to keep meeting like this?
Local residents, public transport users, politicians are united to keep the bridge open.
East Midlands Trains and Government know what we want.
The Planning Board supported us
So why are we all here AGAIN?
EMT & parent company Stage Coach don’t care what we want
They don’t care about the bridge
They don’t care about providing a better service
They don’t care about accessibility and safety for residents
They don’t care about getting more people onto public

All they care about is PROFIT


Privatisation & deregulation of public transport has not brought us the
promised benefits of competion.

On the contrary, public transport is
*more expensive
*more fragmented
*less user friendly than ever

Can’t even get a decent cup of tea in the buffet car!

It’s time to bring back democratic  control of our bus and rail network

It’s time for a strategic plan to improve public transport

It’s time to invest in infrastructure not shareholders

It’s time to invest in trains not barriers

It’s time to invest in people not profits

It’s good to meet, but I hope this is the last time we have to demonstrate
our feelings

Let’s hope EMT & Government are listening

Let’s hope they drop these plans

Because if they don’t  … we’ll be back.

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