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EMT should not be allowed to take over our public space.

Graham Wroe at Station Demo

I attended the meeting in Norfolk Park last Tuesday with Lord Adonis. Your coverage of his visit to Sheffield makes it appear that campaigners are happy with Labour’s “solution”. The Green Party have been active in the campaign for the last two years. We agree with Paul Scriven that a new bridge would be a ridiculous waste of public money when we already have a first class
bridge. East Midlands Trains should not be allowed to take over our public space, which was paid for with our taxes.  Lord Adonis told us that East Midlands Trains had agreed not to install barriers until a new bridge is built. But  where will the money come from when all the talk is about public expenditure cuts? And if Labour lose the election, what chance then for a new bridge?

The Green Party would much prefer this money to be spent on improving the train service on overcrowded lines, so that passengers aren’t squashed in and forced to stand, enabling ticket collectors to move down the train and do their job!

Barriers would then not be required. The Green Party wants a public transport system that serves the public rather than one that maximises profits for rich shareholders.

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