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Local Election Results

Although we did not win any seats this year, we find ourselves in a position of more power as the Council is now hung, with just 3 more Lib Dem Councillors than Labour, so the 2 Greens and 1 Independant hold the balance of power.

Our two most important results were Central and Broomhill, where we managed to increase our number of votes substantially, but were still squeezed out by the massive increase in turnout due to the General Election and massive  national coverage of the 3 main parties.

Central Ward-Labour gain (2008 result in brackets)

Labour 2879  (1563)

Lib Dem 2775  (522)

Green 2192  (1611)

Con 793 (311)

Broomhill Lib Dem hold

Lib Dem 3734  (1329)

Lab 1798    (401)

Green 1389    (756)

Con 938   (359)

UKIP 155

Full results with analysis are here

General Election 2010

Local Election 2010

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