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Green Councillors call on parties to work together for good of city

Cllr Jillian Creasy

Green Party Councillors have called for all political parties to work together for the good of Sheffield. Following local elections on 6th May, the two Green Councillors hold the balance of power between the Lib Dems (who have 42 seats) and Labour (who have 39 seats) in a “hung” council alongside Independent Cllr Frank Taylor.

The Council will hold its AGM on Wednesday 19th May, when Councillors vote for the new Council Leader. Under the new constitution, which came into force last month, the Leader then has the right to pick a cabinet of his or her choosing.

Cllr Jillian Creasy, leader of the Green Group, said, “Sheffield has become a politically divided city. It is important for parties to work together in these difficult times for the benefit of the whole city. We will vote for a leader who is prepared to put together a cross party cabinet and who accepts the following broad aims:

  • invest in jobs, with fair wages and incomes
  • fairness for all in housing, education, health and transport
  • help communities work together to become closer, stronger and safer
  • tackle action that harms others or our planet

The two Green Councillors will be meeting with the Lib Dem and Labour leaderships during the course of Monday 10th prior to those parties having their own meetings that evening.


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