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Greens demand fairness for city centre terrace dwellers

Dear Sir

The Lib Dem administration has rejected a request by some residents of the city centre to be treated equally with regard to on-street parking. These people do not live in new apartment blocks, which usually have basement car parks and planning permission which specifically disallows residents from applying for on-street parking permits. The majority of petitioners whom we supported to take their case to Full Council and Cabinet meetings came from  the small amount of mostly council-owned terrace housing which remains around Hawley Street and Townhead Street. This housing predates the boom in city living and includes very long term tenants and residents, many of them on low incomes.

It is difficult to understand this decision by a Lib Dem council which claims that everyone matters, that all areas should be treated equally and that even wealthy areas include pockets of deprivation. Why should the  owners of a large house in Broomhill have the price of their parking permit cut to £10 a year, but council tenants inside the ring road still have to pay £100 a year?


Cllr Jillian Creasy, Central ward

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There is One Response to Greens demand fairness for city centre terrace dwellers

29th May 2010

Why indeed?!

I expect that they will be telling us…”It’s the economy, stupid”!