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Green’s budget for jobs and young people

Sheffield Green Party has put forward alternative proposals for Sheffield Council’s budget, while stressing again that spending cuts are unnecessary and unfair.

The Greens’ alternative budget emphasises job creation and the safeguarding of services for young people. Their budget modifies some of the Lib Dems’ proposals for spending and reductions, so as to provide sufficient money to allow reversal of some of the Lib Dems’ other proposed cuts.

Green Cllr Jillian Creasy said, “Our overall aim is to protect people and communities in the city. We would put money into energy projects and local food growing, which would create jobs, save money and help the city’s economy.”

She continued “The Greens would also give priority to children, young people and other vulnerable groups, because they will be particularly affected by spending cuts. Our measures would reduce the damage to services for Sheffield’s people, local communities and organisations, and the city as a whole.”


Ongoing Revenue Resources

Description £000s
Reduction in political advisors time for all political parties 30
Sales of food grown from food growing project 10
Roll parental consultation into existing Community Assembly work within existing resources 50

One-off Revenue Resources

Investments Savings
Description £000s Description £000s
Extend Affordable Warmth 2,000 LABGI resources 2,000
Food growing additional up-front investment 50 Remove Rural Strategy work 50
Reprioritise the administration’s £350k amendment to the outurn report 350
Total 2,050 2,400

(m)      These changes result in an increase in available revenue resources for 2010/11 of £440k, which will be used as follows to reverse some of the cuts in ABG projects proposed by the Administration:

Description Administ-ration Proposal Green Party Changes Revised Total Comment
Study Support 331,156 45,156 376,312 Reverse the proposed cut
Sustainable Travel – General Duty 25,975 8,658 34,633 Reverse the proposed cut
Teenage Pregnancy 144,000 100,000 244,000 Reverse £100k of the proposed cut
Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CaMHS) 843,064 90,000 933,064 Reverse £90k of the proposed cut
Sustainable School Travel Strategy 0 29,000 29,000 Reverse the proposed cut
Children’s Fund 443,007 65,172 508,179 Reverse the proposed cut
Positive Activities for Young People 1,763,302 102,014 1,865,316 Partially reverse the proposed cut
Total Green Party Changes 440,000

Capital Resources

Investments Savings
Description £000s Description £000s
Energy Efficiency I2S scheme on Council Properties 6,500 Borrowing 6,500

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