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Cuts to Sheffield Futures could have been avoided

Dear Sir

Sheffield Futures budget cut of £700,000 and the threat to 95 jobs
will damage young people and the city as a whole. It will make it
difficult for them to be part of the new Government’s vision for

The Prime Minister, David Cameron said the government wants spending
cuts not to harm voluntary and community groups.  He has a vision for
a so called ‘Big Society’. This is about creating “a society in which
we as individuals don’t feel small” and will be a “big advance for
people power”. This will “include everyone and give them a voice in
how things are done”.

Cuts to Sheffield Futures will mean that the city’s young people will
be excluded from this ‘Big Society’. There will be no-one to help them
stand up and say what they believe should happen.

These budget measures are being imposed on Sheffield Council by David
Cameron’s Government. The Green Party nationally is campaigning
against this slashing of public spending and fighting to protect vital
work. Cuts can be avoided by closing tax loopholes for the rich and
not spending on new roads and nuclear weapons. It is unnecessary to
leave the many users of Sheffield Futures services without a youth
service or careers advice. The whole city will be worse off with young
people left vulnerable and isolated. We need the Council to be taking
on the Government, showing there is an alternative to the unfair cuts
that is about investing in our communities and supporting people.

Yours sincerely

Steve Barnard
Sheffield Green Party

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