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Planetary crisis

Graham Wroe

Dear Editor

Our planet is in a state of  crisis.

In Pakistan the worst floods in the country’s history have    destroyed thousands of lives, homes animals and crops. Over 14 million have been effected, and many  are now on the move, fleeing to safer ground.

In Russia the  drought has destroyed the wheat harvest and forest fires are moving    closer to Moscow. The heatwave has severely effected USA, Eastern Europe,    the Middle East and North East China. The forest fires have a climate change double whammy. Not only do they release tonnes of carbon dioxide    into the atmosphere, but the loss of the trees also means that future    emissions are not absorbed, but will be released into the atmosphere  further speeding climate change.

In Greenland a 100 square mile ice  shelf has broken off, changing the map
forever. This also has a climate    changing double whammy. As the ice melts it
will raise the sea level,    making floods more likely. The white ice currently
reflects the suns  radiation. When it melts and turns to dark water it will no
longer reflect    the suns rays, so the water will absorb the heat, further
increasing  climate change.

Politicians worldwide need to realise that to tackle    this crisis we need the
same sort of urgency with which the last    generation tackled the Nazi menace.
The armed forces need to be    mobilised to help those suffering from flooding,
drought and fires.    World leaders should be locked together in a room until they have
a sensible plan to reduce worldwide emissions.

Nationally we need a carbon rationing scheme to ensure that the poor can
continue to keep warm as we reduce our emissions. We need massive    investment
in energy efficiency, wind, wave, tidal and solar power. There
is a huge amount of valuable work to be done that will benefit
communities, reduce fuel bills, tackle the financial crisis and secure
all our futures. Unused land should be put to use to grow crops because we
can not continue to rely on the availability of imported food and by  growing our
own we reduce our emissions.

Locally we should  be ensuring we improve our flood defences and our housing
stock to make it  very much more energy efficient. We should be utilising the
power of local  rivers by using them to generate electricity, and investing in
new wind   farms.The decent homes scheme should be improved to include fitting
solar  power on council houses.

Wake up slumbering politicians, your planet  needs you to take action!

Graham Wroe

Sheffield Green Party

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