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East Midland Trains awarded with an ASBO!

Residents against Station Closure have sent us this press release.

On Friday November 5th at 4.30pm members of Residents against Station Closure are gathering at the station to award East Midlands Trains with an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

A drama group will outline the criteria for giving an ASBO and explain why East Midlands Trains actions in blocking the bridge to pedestrians warrants an ASBO.

To receive an ASBO there are 3 criteria that have to be met.

These are

1.Is the behaviour serious?

We believe it is – EMT have acted outside the Railway Bye Laws in preventing people crossing the bridge and have done so in an aggressive manner.

2.Is the behaviour persistent?

We believe it is. They have done this, without warning, many times over the last 12 months.

3. Does it impact on the wider community?

Yes it does – They have prevented people from moving between their homes, places of education, entertainment, transport and work.

RASC press officer Graham Wroe commented “We hope this action will make EMT reconsider their behaviour. It is time their anti social behaviour stopped.They should obey the bye-laws and stop picking on innocent pedestrians who just wish to walk through the station to get to town.”

Please join us at the station and write to your MP about the bridge closures. You can find model letters here.

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