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Greens Call For A Living Wage For All

Green Councillors Rob Murphy and Jillian Creasy

The Council administration confirmed at Full Council last week that, pending agreement with the Unions, a Living Wage will be introduced in Council next April. The Living Wage will guarantee all staff working for Sheffield Council a minimum of £7 per hour. However, the Living Wage will not be extended to contracted out services or agency workers.

Councillor Jillian Creasy said, “We welcome the move by the Council to implement the Living Wage for Council staff, which Sheffield Green Party first proposed a year ago, but we are concerned that it will not apply to contracted out services.

“Sheffield Council should use its influence to push for a Living Wage in the city. Agencies who supply Sheffield Council, and contractors who supply public services for the Council, should be under pressure to pay a decent wage.

“As the cuts bite, more council services will be contracted out. No-one wants to see public services provided by people who have little choice but to work in poverty. Sheffield Green Party will continue to push the  Council for a decent Living Wage for all Sheffielders.”


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