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Sheffield needs “future proofing”.

Steve Barnard

It’s a shame that Labour and the Lib Dems see the publishing of the Sustainable Cities report as an opportunity to bicker about recycling rates
(The Star 1 Nov 2010). Sheffield dropped to 10th place in a table because it fell down on “future proofing”. It should be a prompt to ask questions about how we see our city in the future. It is clear that one of the key challenges is how to live together in a way that encourages human health and happiness.

Priorities include providing clean water, efficient energy, and sustainable food, whilst reducing pollution. We need to ensure local services are available to all and that everyone is included.

Our economy needs to change too. New technology and the development of new
markets in China, Brazil and India mean there is increasing global
competition for resources. The age of cheap oil is over and we need to shift
to a low-carbon world. Investing in energy saving, renewable generation and
better public transport would create jobs.

There is a lot to do to make our city fairer now and in the future.
Let’s work together on a wider vision rather than squabbling over small

Steve Barnard

Sheffield Green Party

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