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How to create happiness

Peter Garbutt


Cllr Fox has a point; measuring happiness won’t be an easy thing to do (Star, 19 Nov).

The well-received study “The Spirit Level” allows that money has a part to play in how happy we are; but it goes on to emphasise that, once basic needs are met, the real deal is equality. People are happier in societies where the gap between rich and poor is small.

If Mr Cameron keeps on with his divisive policies (policies, by the way, that aren’t too far away from Labour’s), his bureaucrats will be measuring very high levels of unhappiness.

To really improve our happiness we need to tax the banks and the rich, stop tax avoidance, non-payment and evasion, and to restore public services. If you add a green investment programme that brings prosperity and security, you will create a society happy with where it is and where it’s going.

Peter Garbutt

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