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No more broken promises!

Dear Sir

Does anyone remember the fuss about the Lib Dems littering the Peace Gardens with paper when filming a video in the Spring ? That was their now infamous “no more broken promises” election broadcast. On pieces of discarded paper were the broken political promises of the last 30 years, starting with “No student tuition fees – Labour”.

Protesting Sheffield students clearly understand that tuition fee hikes and the abolition of EMA are part of a cuts programme that will seriously damage their future. They face grim job prospects on leaving education and are likely to join millions of unemployed struggling due to the massive benefit cuts to come.

The Green Party says that tuition fees should be scrapped and university education funded by progressive taxation. Cuts are not inevitable – they are a clear choice for the Government.

The Lib Dems were all over both campuses before the election. Firstly, to get students to register to vote and then making the promises that convinced students to vote for them in their thousands. Students understand they have been used and abused. In the “broken promises” video Nick Clegg said ” I believe it’s time for promises to be kept”. Students across Sheffield believe that too.
Yours Sincerely

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

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