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EMT Survey shows 2400 people walk through the station each day

Figures released by East Midlands Trains show that, despite the clearance of most of Park Hill flats, the number of people walking over the controversial station bridge continues to increase, and is now 2400 a day. RASC campaigner Graham Wroe commented “These figures show that when EMT block the footbridge to people without tickets they are causing a major inconvenience to over 2400 people. Thankfully these ticket checks seem to have stopped- we hope this is because EMT have had a change of heart and seen the error of their ways.”

On Friday December 17th at 4.30 Residents Against Station Closure organised a Carol Sing at the station. The words of traditional Carols have been changed to remind EMT of the importance of the footbridge to pedestrians. See below for some of the lyrics, and see some video here.


We wish you a Merry Xmas

We wish you a Merry Xmas

We wish you a Merry Xmas

And a happy New Year

Good tidings we  bring to all of our kin

Our bridge will be ours

And our campaign we will   WIN

To the tune of Ding Dong Merrily on High

EMT you’ve got it wrong

The bridge is ours not your…ors

If you listen to this song

You’ll understand our cau…ause


Oooooooooooooooooooooooo EMT

Can’t you see

The harm th Oooooooooooooooooooooooo EMT

Can’t you see

The harm that you are doing?

at you are doing?

Sheffield Council made the deal

For transport integration

Midland Mainline signed and sealed

And all was jubilation


But you did not understand

That this meant public access

So you joyfully went and banned

Our right to cross the footbridge


In this season of good cheer

We hope you’ll change and never

Bar our way across our land

From this day and forever

To the tune in the Bleak mid winter

In the town of Sheffield

The tram, the train and the bus

Were linked with a footbridge

Which caused a lot of fuss

EMT think they own it

But we know that they don’t

Public money was spent

And give it up we wont

All this public money

Was used to build our bridge

Along came E-M-T

To make there users pay

People said don’t close the bridge

Put inspectors on the trains

We will keep our struggle

Till you make amends

EMT don’t mess with us,

Cos we are here to stay

We believe in transport links

Our campaign we’ll not let it sink

We will fight you tooth and nail

Till you see you’re wrong

Stop those barriers here and now

And agree the battle WON

To the tune of Good King Wenceslas         number 2

Mary Wenceslas looked down

On the city centre

But she could not walk to town

EMT wouldn’t let her.

They said ‘use the Iron Bridge

Even in the dark night.

‘Very dangerous’ she said

‘It gives me a fright.’

Give me light and give me love.

Give me back my station.

All big power from above

Should protect the nation.

Put conductors on the trains

Is your obligation.

Even in the dead of night

We need to cross the station.

To the tune of Oh Xmas Tree ( The Red Flag)


Our footbridge you are changing


Your faults are so wide ranging

You want to block our right of way

But have no fear we’ll have our say


Your policies need changing.

East Midlands Trains, East Midlands Trains

You really are appalling

East Midlands Trains, East Midlands Trains

Your image it is falling.

Make sure your service it is good

Respect the public like you should

East Midlands Trains, East Midlands Trains

Can’t you hear us calling.

To the Tune of We Three Kings

We the people of Sheffield Unite

We the people have the to fight

For our right to cross the bri- i-dge

With safety and in light ….oh


Save our Bridge Save our right

Make us safe in the night

EMT  must listen to us

Save our bridge,Save our right

All the parties believe it is right

School children, students, have joined the fight

But old EMT (ee) won’t back down

Throwing around their masterly might ….oh


Save our Bridge Save our right

Make us safe in the night

EMT  must listen to us

Save our bridge,Save our right

Carrying on against this gloom

We won’t accept this incredible doom

Laughing, shouting crying and waving

We will win very soon ….oh


Put-ting people first in the frame

EMT are playing a game

We won’t give up now or never

Don’t do this in our name ………..oh

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