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Frustration with Labour

Dear Sir,

Cllr Julie Dore’s “Viewpoint on “what we will do if elected in May” is a further reminder of what Labour failed to do on Sheffield’s budget day.

They could have got their own budget or an amendment to the Lib Dem budget through with Green support but tabled no proposals. Neither did they support the Green amendment which found £2.3 million to protect key services like Sure Start, Police Community Support Officers, day-care for the elderly and Citizens Advice. All Labour did was abstain, which allowed the Lib Dem cuts budget to go through unchanged.

There is real frustration that Labour did nothing on budget day. Only two days before, they voted in support of Surestart saying “this Council will do all it can to protect services for children and families in Sheffield.” Yet on budget day, they abstained and allowed cuts to Sure Start and other services to go through. Cuts are happening all around us. By May, redundancies will have been made and services downsized or closed down. The time for action is now and the Green Party continues to provide the only real opposition to cuts in Sheffield.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Jillian Creasy, Green Party

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