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The rich get richer as cuts bite

Dear Sir

New research by the high pay commission suggests that, if current trends continue, the top 0.1% of UK earners will see their pay rise from 5% to an estimated 14% of national income by 2030. High earners get even richer by employing advisers to exploit massive tax loopholes that the Labour and coalition governments have not closed.

The richest tenth of our country have enough money to pay off our national debt five times over. If the coalition makes high earning individuals and corporations pay their fair share of taxes the Exchequer can balance the books without massive cuts. And we would reverse the widening gap between rich and poor that threatens to take us back to the Victorian era.

The 3 major parties all tell us there is “no alternative” to massive cuts. It has taken the rise of UK Uncut and massive peaceful protest to get realistic, fair alternatives into the media and on to the high street. I urge people to join Sheffield Save our NHS and UK Uncut at the Hallamshire Hospital on Saturday May 28th at 11am. They will march to the city centre before UK Uncut set up mock hospitals and GP surgeries in banks to demonstrate that the government should stop privatising the NHS and reform banks instead.

Yours Sincerely

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

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