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Save the NHS Sheffield Petition


We the undersigned call on the government to:
  • ensure that the NHS meets users’ needs, including giving a full range of services everywhere, which are funded from taxation;
  • stop cuts to hospital and other health services;
  • safeguard the jobs of NHS staff;
  • halt healthcare privatisation; and
  • revise the NHS Bill fundamentally so that it reflects these aims.

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We believe the coalition government’s NHS changes will significantly damage healthcare in this country. Specifically, they’re cutting NHS funding – you may have heard the recent announcement about ward closures at the Hallamshire hospital. Also, they’re pushing a new NHS Bill through parliament. If this becomes law, private companies will almost certainly be increasingly involved in healthcare. This may mean a greater risk that other NHS services and hospitals will close. If enough people object to the government’s proposals, we can persuade them to change their minds.
Please sign this petition now; and ask your friends and family to do so. In a few weeks time, we will send the petition (with the list of people who have signed it) to Andrew Lansley, the government health minister, urging him to take note of the points below. We’ll also send a copy to Nick Clegg, the Sheffield MP and leader of the Lib Dems.
If you want to find out more or get involved in our NHS campaign, please e-mail or phone 07842 374392.
Thanks very much
Sheffield Green Party

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