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Campaigners fight deportation order for this Friday

Free Justice Campaign

Campaigners fight deportation order
Press Release 16th August 2011
For immediate release

Campaigners were shocked today to hear that Justice Charles is to be
deported to Sierra Leonne this Friday. His wife Ruby Charles who is a
British citizen, is inconsolable. Ruby suffers from lupus and relies on
Justice to care for her. Ironically, if the deportation does go ahead,
the state will be worse off as they will have to pay for a carer for
Ruby.  Despite the dangers of Sierra Leonne, where Justice was attacked
by rebels, Ruby says that if he is deported she will go too. She said “I
love my husband and I can’t live without him. If they send him back to
Sierra Leonne I will follow him.”The couple have been married for 3
years and live together in a house in Highfield that has been regularly
monitored by the authorities. “How can they say this is a sham marriage,
when they know very well we are living together here? They even called once in the early hours of the morning and found us in bed together. We have given
them all the evidence they need and Justice has always cooperated with
the authorities. I can’t understand why they are treating us like this.
The stress is making me physically shake.”

Justice himself is not well as he suffers from post traumatic stress, flashbacks and anxiety as a result of his terrible traumas in Sierra Leonne.

Supporters are urged to contact Theresa May, the Home Secretary, at, quoting the Home Office reference number C1214740

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