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Greens call on Council to oppose NHS Privatisation


Green Party councillors have called on Sheffield Council to show its support for the NHS and publicly oppose the Government’s new healthcare legislation.


The Greens have submitted a motion for Sheffield Council’s meeting on 7th September, arguing that the Government’s revised Health and Social Care Bill will have damaging consequences for patient care. The motion asks the Council to tell Nick Clegg, other Government Ministers and local MPs that it opposes the Bill.


Sheffield Greens’ health spokesperson, Jon Ashe, said “We have one of the best health services in the world. So why is the coalition Government making changes that will almost certainly harm patient care? Many people, including health professionals, believe these proposals will mean increased privatisation and poorer-quality services.”


He added “If enough people act now, we can persuade the Government to change tack. But time is short – Parliament will debate the revised Bill on 6th September. We’d like people to contact Nick Clegg, their own MP or their local councillor in the next few days. Also, they can show their support for the NHS by joining the public rallies in Sheffield over the next few days.”






1. A copy of the Green councillors’ motion is below.


Notice Of Motion Given By Councillor Jillian Creasy
That this Council:-

(a) Notes that many people in Sheffield are concerned about the Government’s handling of the NHS and the effect its policies are having on patient care;


(b) Considers that the Government’s revised Health and Social Care Bill will, if it becomes law, have significant detrimental effects on healthcare in Sheffield and elsewhere;


(c) Considers that another major NHS reorganisation is likely to destabilise the system and leave patients, doctors and others confused about responsibilities;


(d) Believes the Bill is likely to result in the increased privatisation of healthcare;

(e) Notes that Government officials have already instructed local health bodies, including Sheffield Primary Care Trust, to identify three types of services that could be handled by different providers next year;


(f) Notes that the doctors’ organisation, the British Medical Association, has recently called on the Government to withdraw the Health and Social Care Bill;


(g) Therefore resolves that this Council directs the Chief Executive to send a copy of this motion to the Secretary of State for Health, the Deputy Prime Minister and all local MPs, urging them to oppose the Health and Social Care Bill.


2. A wide range of people are working together in the Sheffield Save our NHS group to oppose these changes – see . They have organised rallies showing support for the NHS as follows:


          Saturday 3rd September at 11am: rally outside the Hallamshire Hospital; and


          Tuesday 6th September at 5pm: vigil outside the Town Hall.


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There are 2 Responses to Greens call on Council to oppose NHS Privatisation

1st September 2011

Its ironic that at the same time as the council are sitting and potentially discussing this issue – the PCT in Sheffield is holding its AGM at the Circle. People cannot be in two places at once so no doubt the PCT will get an easy ride :(

3rd September 2011

good rally today – plenty of green people there – but where were the trade unions and the labour party – they showed yet again their true colours?