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How much pollution does a Sheffield cyclist breathe in?

This picture is from a regular cyclist (who wishes to remain anonymous) who wears a pollution mask. It shows how blackened the mask becomes in less than three months – fumes which would otherwise be in his lungs.

The World Health Organisation have recently announced that diesel fumes cause cancer. You can find out more about this on the BBC News Health website and here.

The mask is a Respro Techno Gold. Used from 27/2/12 to 14/6/12. 3days per week.  Middlewood to city centre and return then 3 miles up to S10.
The cyclist says “When a bus pulls away in front of me I cannot smell any fumes with the mask on.” Sheffield Greens  want to encourage cycling as a fast, efficient and non polluting form of transport. However it is obviously a good idea to protect your lungs by wearing a mask when cycling in the city.

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There are 2 Responses to How much pollution does a Sheffield cyclist breathe in?

16th June 2012

Since moving to London I’ve noticed pollution more when cycling, although I noticed in Sheffield in too but I am very dubious of these cycle masks. Reviews seem to say you can’t breathe as well and you just suck on the dirt you collect. Plus they are very uncomfortable and very hot even in winter.

Air pollution is a major problem and although I haven’t looked, I have never come across any scientific research into these masks doing any good. I see plenty of these photos of how much dirt is collected but I am still dubious and my cynical nature it’s just one of these toys that have us consuming more.

My 2p anyway – I’m still not tempted to waste any money on one yet.