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Fracking latest


An article by Peter Garbutt, Chair of Sheffield Green Party
The six-week moratorium on fracking pending an enquiry into safety has ended with a general all-clear for the industry to go ahead.



South Wales has already seen some wells prepared, and Fylde in Lancashire, where Cuadrilla’s wells caused some minor earth tremors and triggered the original moratorium, is also preparing for more drilling.


The activists who tried to stop the heavy equipment moving, near Chesterfield in Derbyshire, were prosecuted for aggravated trespass.


And the man in charge of overseeing the industry from the HSE, Steve Walker, has pronounced that he won’t be inspecting, as you can’t see anything underground.



So we’re all thoroughly reassured that it’s business as usual.


There are many local anti-fracking groups in need of your support. To find your nearest one, go to, where you can also discover what fracking is, and how it affects us all. Frack-off is a brilliant organisation with members who tour the country giving talks. You might like to organise one yourself.


Meanwhile, the TUC has decided to take up the cudgels. They are tabling a motion at their autumn conference in Brighton September 9th – 13th (page 20, motion P47) which calls for a ban on fracking. If you’re in a union, please agitate for a yes vote on that one. Look out for this fringe meeting if you’re in Brighton on the 10th;


Where I am, in Sheffield, we’re organising a public meeting in October. More on that later.


If anyone has any more news, please post it on the comments below.

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