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Cuts in welfare spending are unnecessary and wrong

Douglas Johnson 2010Sheffield Green Party spokesperson Douglas Johnson comments on today’s Autumn statement :

“The Chancellor’s words reveal his contempt for the third of all Sheffield households that rely on some sort of benefit, whilst promising “a typical higher rate taxpayer will be better off next year.”

This budget is taxing the very poorest families by taking another £3.7 billion from welfare spending whilst continuing to support big business and the wealthiest.  Just this week, it was revealed that the boss of ATOS, responsible for implementing the regime of disability benefits cuts, has got a £1 million bonus.

We needed to see substantial investment in jobs in green energy and a commitment to ensure a decent standard of living for everyone in Sheffield, whether advantaged or disadvantaged.  The Green Party believes cuts in welfare spending are unnecessary and wrong.”

Read the Green Party Alternative Autumn Statement here.

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