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Green Party broadly welcomes Sheffield Fairness Commission report

JasonLemancroppedSheffield Green Party has broadly welcomed the Fairness Commission reportĀ  and its recommendations for action. Spokesperson Jason Leman comments :

“We can see the need for action in this report. There are a great many people in Sheffield suffering from lack of decent work, poor air quality, health issues, reduced benefits and service cuts. Yet, we also have others in situations much closer to where we want the whole city to be – good employment prospects, low pollution, people taking control of their own lives and giving time to make where they live better. If the recommendations are acted on, we will see people across the city get much more of the resources and opportunities they need.’

‘There are many recommendations that the Green Party has been arguing strongly for in Sheffield Council and out in the community. From paying everyone in the city a Living Wage, to having an integrated food strategy, to a city-wide 20mph hour speed limit in residential areas, to helping those in debt. Grass roots democracy is at the heart of Green Party politics and we are pleased that many of the commission’s proposals are about devolving power down from Government to Sheffield, and from public bodies to the communities they serve.’

‘But decision-makers are cutting support for the vulnerable and cutting funding to services across the city. We cannot ignore the fact that people in this city are suffering real hardship because of this – whether caring for others or needing care themselves, whether in debt or struggling on low pay. While this continues, we have to do everything we can to give people a fair chance in life. Fairness means everyone being able to make the most of the opportunities life offers, fairness means everyone in Sheffield reaching their potential. That’s something that will benefit everyone in Sheffield, and we hope everyone will join us in fighting for it, making the Commission’s hopes for a fair Sheffield a reality.”

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