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Building our Response to the Climate Challenge-important Sheffield event.

carboncutsnotclimatechaosThis is an important time, with levels of CO2 in the atmosphere having hit 400 ppm of CO2. Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change are linking up with experts and political leaders to see how Sheffield City Region can respond. Prior to this event Sheffield City Region leaders will hear this presentation for themselves from 4 –6 pm and then some representatives will join the public meeting. Let’s make this a really packed event.

Building our Response to the Climate Challenge a public meeting co-organised with Sheffield City Council
Sheffield University/room details to follow
13 June from 7 to 9 pm
Co-chaired by Councillor Jack Scott and
the Sheffield Climate Alliance
Cllr Jack Scott is the Sheffield City Council Cabinet lead for the Environment and this
meeting will form part of developing a Green Commission for Sheffield.

It is time to talk about Carbon, we have:

400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere
CO2 rising exponentially (see 1 below)
Potential temperature rise of 4 to 6 degrees
Threat of financial bust from £4 trillion invested in un-burnable carbon (see 2 below)


Dr John Broderick:
from Tyndall Climate Centre at Manchester University
presenting an update on current emissions trends, likely impacts and the action required to avoid them.
Tyndall Manchester has been a Tyndall core partner since the centre’s inception in 2000, during which time it has led the research theme focusing on energy and climate change, based in the school of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering and with close affiliation to the Manchester Business School and the School of Environmental, Atmospheric and Earth Sciences.

Prof Andrew Gouldson:
An author of The economies of Low Carbon Cities: a
Mini-Stern for Sheffield City Region from The Centre for Low Carbon Futures.

The Centre for Low Carbon Futures co-ordinated a three year programme of research, led by Professor Andrew Gouldson at the University of Leeds, evaluating the potential economic returns of various low carbon measures. The ‘mini-Stern reviews’ for Leeds
City Region, Sheffield City Region and the Humber convincingly demonstrate the
potential social and economic benefits of low carbon investment. The research
has consequently evolved into “10 Climate Smart Cities” (10CSC), a global
programme of research led by Professor Gouldson to provide the evidence base for cost-effective low-carbon interventions for ten global cities.
The Burning Question: we can’t burn half the world’s oil,
coal and gas, so how are we going to quit? Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark.
Profile Books 2013

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