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Stop the Legal Aid cuts

The Government wants to introduce a “residence test” that will cut the number
of people who can access free advice. This will have the biggest impact on
people who are not British or from a minority ethnic group. It will affect
all refused asylum seekers. Under the proposals they would not get legal aid
until they put in a fresh claim, which means they wouldn’t get help with
preparing it.

The proposals go further – affecting your ability to access a solicitor for
free to help you in a criminal case or with a challenge to unlawful behaviour
by the state through judicial review in the high court. For example, you
would no longer have the ability to choose your own solicitor if you were

The changes will come in if people don’t tell the Government they are wrong

There is more information and ways to take action here:

Carita ThomasPlease sign the 38 Degrees petition here

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