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Greens to Celebrate and Defend Multicultural Sheffield

jon-100509-aJon Ashe, Chair of Sheffield and Rotherham Green Party, said ‘Many Greens will be supporting the “One Sheffield Many Cultures” celebration on Saturday in the city centre.

He added ‘We condemn both the murder of Lee Rigby and the subsequent anti-Muslim attacks. While we recognise the right to peaceful demonstrations, we also condemn any action that creates divisions in our community.’

The following is from the Facebook page for the event.

This weekend communities from across Sheffield will be coming together to promote peace and understanding.’One Sheffield Many Cultures’ will be hosting a day of celebration in Sheffield’s Peace Gardens where communities from across the city will come together in a day filled with peace, tolerance and unity.

The celebration starts at 11am and will run through into the evening with DJs, guest speakers and world music.

Father Shaun Smith, Chair of One Sheffield Many Cultures said: “As the first City of Sanctuary, Sheffield has been a great place for people to be accepted and feel that they belong. It is very important for us all to maintain a level of acceptance of everybody that prevents people being afraid or oppressed.”

Entertainment will be provided by a selection of Sheffield musicians, performers and DJs representing music and culture from a diverse range of Sheffield Communities. Guest speakers from different local communities will be talking about Sheffield as a multicultural city.

The event will be a chance for families and communities from across the city to come together and speak with a united voice.

Cllr Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council said: “I know that a lot of people in Sheffield want to take part in a peaceful protest this weekend. That is why, as a city, we have come together to provide communities with a chance to unite and celebrate what a peaceful and tolerant city Sheffield is. By celebrating in the city centre it also makes a strong statement that Sheffield will not be stopped – our people, our city centre and our traders will continue as normal.”

“As a Sheffielder I am so proud of our city and the tolerant people that live here, I want to show support for my community and all Sheffield communities. We are a multicultural and hugely diverse city that lives in peace and Saturday will celebrate that.”

People are invited to join the celebration in the Peace Gardens from 11am, and it is anticipated that the music and entertainment will run until 8pm.

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