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Take action against Fracking

greenpartyisnotforshaleEnergy companies are lining up to start fracking for shale gas throughout the UK and there are a huge number of proposed sites,
some as close as Lincoln. 64% of England is under consideration for fracking so it could soon be coming here.

Hydraulic fracturing (to give it its proper name)- is a destructive and dirty process using a mixture of water and chemicals to blast rocks and release trapped gas and oil. These chemicals have been linked to ground water contamination which threatens our water supply. The process will use huge amounts of water restricting the amount of water available to agriculture, industry and domestic homes. Burning gas pumps more carbon pollution into the air which warms the planet further. This will speed the melting of the Arctic, further destabilising our weather systems.

There are 4 simple actions readers can take to oppose fracking.

1. Use the Greenpeace website to lobby your local councillors.

2. Find out more about Fracking on the Frack Off website and read Green Party leader Natalie Bennett’s article in the Huffington Post, Fracking isn’t a Fairytale, it’s a nightmare.

3. Send a message of support to the protesters at Balcombe using the Friends of the Earth website.

4. Sign the Green Party petition.


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There is One Response to Take action against Fracking

10th August 2013

Hi We have a facebook page for a FRACK FREE S.Yorks we invite you to please join and introduce yourselves so that our group members can see that the green party is active on the matter. We need as many people to join as possible so we can use our energies to fight this fracking and save our communities. Here is the link

Thank you