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Planning permission for supermarket will impact on road safety

edwardstpark-sarahDear Editor
November 18-24 was Road Safety Week. The Green Party worked on supporting local residents and shopkeepers in Sharrow who were concerned about a planning application to create a new “local” supermarket within 8 metres of the traffic lights at the busy crossroads on Sharrow Lane and Wolstenholme/Washington Road.
Last week, [Nov 26th] the planning permission was granted.  It’s already a busy, narrow road near several schools, a community centre and is a recommended cycle route.  On match day at Bramall Lane the parking and congestion is worrying, especially as there are many more pedestrians.  Endless cars and delivery trucks crossing the traffic and waiting to turn will impact significantly on road safety.
I am extremely concerned that people are going to get hurt.
Yours faithfully,

Sarah Jane Smalley
Sheffield Green Party


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