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Greens to discuss Palestine

Heather Hunt

The topic at Wednesday’s (Jan 8th) Sheffield and Rotherham Green Party meeting will be Palestine. Annie Neligan and Heather Hunt, longstanding GP members, bring first hand
accounts of life in the West Bank of Palestine. Both are encouraged by Green
Party Policy which is based on ensuring and defending human and civil rights
of all citizens in Israel, Palestine and the occupied territories and
bringing pressure to bear on Israel to comply with International Law.

The meeting will be at St Mary’s Community Centre, Bramall Lane, starting at 7.30pm.


Topics: Heather Hunt, Human Rights, International

There is One Response to Greens to discuss Palestine

7th January 2014

As we prepare to discuss Palestine tomorrow night the news is grim. SGP member Deacon Dave’s wifes mum has been evicted from her land in Hebron to make way for “settlers”.