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Greens support M1 speed reduction.

Greens are in favour of the proposed reduction in speed limit from 70mph to 60 mph on a 32mile stretch that includes the section running through Sheffield and Rotherham. The Environmental Impact Assessment shows that the increase to 4 lanes in that area will worsen air quality and this is an important measure to neutralise that change to maintain current air quality. That still leaves people living near the M1 to cope with air quality above EU limits every day. In communities like Tinsley this has a damaging impact on people’s health over the long term. We think that is a strong justification for a measure that will lengthen journeys by a maximum of 5 minutes.
The AA says that Driving at 60 mph rather 70mph uses up to 9% less fuel.  We hope that drivers will quickly adjust to driving at a smooth, efficient, safer and less polluting lower speed on this stretch of the M1, aware of the positive impact they are having on the communities they drive through.”

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