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Library campaign have one week before budget proposals are announced.

The Star published this letter today but missed out the crucial sentence highlighted in bold.

brianandrobsavebroomhilllibraryThe Broomhill Library Action Group was formed in November and has done a great job in difficult circumstances. I agree with their view that the library closure assessment has not been credible or robust and is “driven entirely by budget cutbacks” (Star 28 January).

Library campaign groups submitted 12 petitions with more than 22,000 signatures to the council meeting on January 8th. The response was to refer them to the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee on February 18th. Some campaign groups have responded negatively to invitations to attend this meeting – and who can blame them? It’s a week after the council budget proposals are due to be announced, and one day before the Cabinet meet to rubber stamp them. The Labour-led Council should heed the Green Party’s call to completely rethink its proposals for the library service. Library campaigns deserve better than this shabby end to a flawed consultation process.

Brian Webster
Broomhill Green Party


Tomorrow (Wed Feb 5th) please gather outside the Town Hall from 1pm to 1.45pm  with your library campaign banners and placards. Register to ask questions at 1.45pm and ask them from the public gallery between 2 and 3pm. There will be a library motion and petition signed by campaign groups to support.  Meeting papers are at

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