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Sheffield Green Party backs visit by 20mph campaigner (Monday 24th Feb)


20mph child safety zone sign

20’s Plenty – safer for children

Sheffield Green Party will be supporting a visit by leading 20mph campaigner Anna Semlyen, when she speaks at a meeting in Sheffield on 24th February. The Green Party is in favour of a city-wide 20mph speed limit on residential roads, excluding main routes. So far, the Labour Council has only supported piecemeal schemes. The Green Party argues that a city-wide strategy would be more cost effective in the long run and should have been implemented alongside the Streets Ahead highways scheme.

Central Ward Green Cllr Jillian Creasy said, “A 20mph limit on residential roads would reduce speeds and encourage traffic to move more smoothly. This would make the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists and encourage people out of their cars. How many times have you heard parents say they drive their children to school because it is too dangerous to let them walk? Of course, this only makes the problems of congestion, air pollution and traffic accidents worse.”

She continues “These 20mph limits do not require humps and bumps and rely on winning hearts and minds of drivers to respect residents in all areas, rather than draconian enforcement. That is why we continue to press the Council to set out a city-wide strategy.”


1. The meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 24th Feb at Farm Road Social Club – see info at:

2. For more information about the campaign in Sheffield, see:

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