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Jillian Creasy’s diary – February 10th 2014

Cllr Jillian Creasy at Sheffield Town Hall

The busier and more interesting it gets, the harder it is to find time for reflection. Here are some recent snippets.

Monday 10th – met with resident and owner of a business in Kelham Island for walkabout to see  parking and traffic issues in the area: as it moves from being a collection of derelict sites to having more housing and businesses, both are becoming problematic. It also has a fair amount of commuter parking. Officers have told us they will be assessing the need and desire for a residents parking permit zone. But there needs to be an assessment of traffic movement and danger too.

Tuesday 11th – much of the afternoon supporting a woman whose son has been sectioned, i.e. detained on a psychiatric ward. There was an interpreter, but the cultural gulf was too big to bridge and I fear the boy won’t get the same all-round assessment as if he had a family who understood the western medical system. I contacted the mental health CAB who will provide advocacy for him, but she remains confused and guilty.

Friday 14th – meeting with other councillors (Cabinet member and Scrutiny Chair) and officers to hear Marcus Westbury of Renew Newcastle (Australia) who has set up a project to get empty shops into use by entrepreneurs. He had been brought here by the University of Sheffield and had talked to groups large and small during the week and met people trying to get similar projects off the ground here (CADS and Common People). Will our city council play ball with them in the light of this example?

Sunday 15th – talked to people in Springfield Estate where, guess what, commuter parking is a big problem. In this case they need double yellow lines to protect entrances and drives …

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There are 2 Responses to Jillian Creasy’s diary – February 10th 2014

13th March 2014

“Monday 10th – met with resident and owner of a business in Kelham Island for walkabout to see parking and traffic issues in the area”
Yes please! I cycle through Kelham Island each morning, most of the traffic using Green Lane seems to be using it as a shortcut from Penistone Road to Derek Dooley Way (rat running) avoiding the Inner Ring Road. I would like to see this stopped.
It would really transform the area if this traffic was removed and used more appropriate roads.

    16th March 2014

    Thanks for the comment, Matt. I’ve noticed the amount of traffic on Green Lane and Alma Street too and your explanation makes sense. As I say, the whole area needs to be reviewed by Highways Officers and I will continue to press for this.