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Sheffield is far from being Greenest City

Brian Webster with Green Party banner Education Rally June 2013To say reducing landfill makes Sheffield the ‘greenest city’ in the world is a load of ‘rubbish’ (Star March 3) . We have low landfill because we incinerate all but the most profitable recyclable waste under our inflexible contract with Veolia until 2036. Sheffield’s recycling, composting and reuse rate in 2012/13 was 27.72%. That put us 321st out of 352 councils in England.

But it’s not just about waste disposal. The main carbon emissions come from transport and domestic heating, and they’re rising.  Parking facilities in the city centre are increasing, but we lack an integrated local transport system. We have not done enough to stop energy leaking out of poorly insulated public buildings. Or utilised our manufacturing skills and capacity to take full advantage of job creation opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

There’s so much more that needs doing but, because of Council decisions, the city is far from being green in any real sense.

Brian Webster

This letter was published in the Sheffield Star on 13th March 2014.

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There is One Response to Sheffield is far from being Greenest City

1st April 2014

Think you’re being a bit unfair here.

1. Very little waste in Sheffield goes to Landfill-surely that is a good thing?
2. More Green Space in Sheffield and trees/parks than in many other cities?
3. Public Transport is on the whole better than in some other places. Deregulation/privatisation was a Central govt policy. Stagecoach Busses on the whole good-not always so sure about First though.
4. Big Chunk of the City Area is part of the Peak District National Park
5. Solar Panels on the increase although more would be good

Of course there is always room for improvement.

1.Food waste from homes and businesses could be recycled. Likewise garden waste. I’m afraid I’m not a keen enough gardener to run a compost heap, but why no Anaerobic Digester?
2. Would be good if we could use our fast flowing rivers for mini hydro schemes.
3. A Windfarm somewhere within the City Boundaries?
4. Work to start on the Sheffield-Rotherham Train -Tram link.
5. Railway Line to Stocksbridge to reopen and more trains stopping at local stations like Darnall, Woodhouse, Dore, Dronfield.