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Is democracy dead? Video of our challenging public meeting.

dollarThree videos from the public meeting on 11th June.

Peter Garbutt, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Hallam, introduces the topic, outlining major threats to our democracy.

David Malone, Green Party member, author of The Debt Generation, and writer of one of the UK’s top critical blogs about finance and politics, outlines the massive threat to democracy of TTIP and other trade agreements. “Democracy is being taken away by very smart men in very smart suits who earn more in an hour than you earn in six months. The newspapers wont report it. If you don’t do something about this, it will not matter who you vote for and your children probably won’t get a vote. I really think it’s that serious.”

Peter Garbutt and David Malone answer questions on the theme “Is democracy dead?”

“Fight the peace. If you want radical change have the balls to talk about it with people that will laugh at you. If you aren’t wlling to put up with that then you deserve everything you get.”

Peter Garbutt is helping to organise a day of action against the TTIP in Sheffield on July 12. See the event page

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