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No to G4S in Sheffield

g4sPlease sign the petition to back SYMAAG’s campaign to stop G4S.
SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group) invite you to join them on Wednesday 2nd July at 1pm at Sheffield Town Hall to call on the City Council to adopt a policy of not commissioning goods or services from G4S.

G4S is a company which provide security services globally, have been fined for providing ‘inadequate housing’ to asylum seekers and are guilty of many other offences worldwide. Just a few examples include:

  • Grave misconduct concerning imprisoned Palestinians
  • Providing security in Israeli jails where Palestinian children are illegally detained and abused
  • Involvement in the killing of deportee Jimmy Mubenga
  • Operating “Workfare” – the forced labour scheme for the unemployed
  • Failure to pay corporation tax in 2013

Eamonn Ward commented

050“We collected hundreds of signatures for this petition at festivals in June. SYMAAG are highlighting a company prepared to do anything and go anywhere in pursuit of profit. They also are part of a  government contracting “circle of failure” where G4S, A4E, ATOS and others fail spectacularly but keep getting awarded more contracts. Sheffield City Council need to recognise that the track record of G4S makes them unfit to do business with. The council motion deserves all party support.”

Sign the petition here.

See the Council motion here

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